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Both penetration testing as well as vulnerability scanning can be performed by Secure Connection. For penetration testing Secure Connection's versatile Security Workbench will be used in which many of the most effective open source tools can be employed in a very efficient manner. The flexibility of the workbench offers the possibility to rapidly incorporated new or modified tools. This ability is especially useful

Scan Workbench

diagram of security workbench in network

For vulnerability scans Secure Connection uses OpenVAS in combination with our own Security Workbench. The input for the different vulnerability scripts are from our Thread Database. As is evident the tools which Secure Connection has to is disposal, common open source as well as in house developed, are more than adequate to perform most types of scans in many different environments.

During security or penetration tests Security Expert can be used which contains knowledge of a number of attack patterns and their tell tale sign to recognise them.