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The act of balance

Security: rely on facts

Nowadays, the cyber world is too large and too complex to simply rely on your intuition. Support you intuition with the facts, gathered by thorough data analysis.
Our goal is to provide you with advanced methods and systems to support you and keep your infrastructure secure.

A three pronged approach to security

The three aera's which are covered by Secure Connection are analysis, penetration testing and network and systems monitoring.
In all area's we rely on a combination of common sense proven and open source products in combination with in house developed products.


Managing today’s IT systems becomes increasingly complicated with the deployment of rapidly growing cloud computing services and virtualized environments.
New cyber threats, using advanced technics need a new IT security approach.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Or whether the the security measures are acting as expected and the defensive strategy has no unexpected gaps can only be proven by extensive testing.


There is no single solution for effectively monitoring and detecting security events in an IT infrastructure.
Our approach is based on a combination of signature and anomaly methods together with distributed processing.
It is essential to analyze network traffic (near) real time and reach decisions based on alarms when avoiding serious security breaches.


Secure Connection has a strategic partnership with Quality Center Nederland (QCN)
QCN's primary business is:
- Integral en information security (BIG, BIR, BiWa, IBI, ISO27K, etc)
- Security awareness
QCN has more then 30 years experience especialy in governmental organizations and can show a repectable list of references
Quality Center Nederland .



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